Extra Large 3-Frequency
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Possible Size Domes with XL set.
8 ft 2x4 lengths are not recommended for the XL set. The smaller the length of 2x4 the stronger the structure. An extra large dome with 4ft length 2x4s has a maximum hanging weight per point rating of 400 pounds

    Includes -
    • 61 Connector Plates and Center Cups
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Construction Grade PVC Material
    • Downloadable Step-by-step, easy-to-follow Instruction Manual.

      Requires - 165 Lengths of 2x4s

Extra Large Set Structures using 4 ft lengths of 2x4s

Wall Risers are not recommended for Extra-Large Set Structures. An extra large set structure on a riser wall has a tall height to width ratio. This would make it unstable and would require complex anchoring.

PDF Assembly Instructions

Example of X-Large Dome Assembly in 5 Hours

Example of X-Large Dome as Play Structure